BMW Board member Klaus Fröhlich dreams of BMW’s super sports

BMW development Executive Klaus Fröhlich has something to do with countless BMW Fans have in common: they all dream of a new BMW super sports car, which could one day follow in the footsteps of the legendary BMW M1. That said, the BMW Board of management, in an interview with and awakening the hopes of all, for decades on a stand-alone and, if possible, radical sports cars, the BMW M GmbH wait.

Because while most of the BMW Fans will have only limited influence on the appropriate decision of the company, Klaus Fröhlich been a little different. Of course, he also needs to prevail within the Executive Board and refers directly to the chief financial officer, of the must also be of the reasonableness of a super athlete convinced – but at least it is in Klaus Fröhlich apparently one of the few responsible in the case of BMW, and to excite them to the public for a super athlete.

The background of the conversation, the Mercedes-AMG One, to be with technology from formula 1 is one of the fastest street-legal cars of all time was apparently. On the question of whether BMW might not be in this Segment, said Cheerfully: “I personally would very much like to develop a Time in the life of a super athlete. I am positive and I haven’t given up hope yet.”

And the technology has made Klaus Fröhlich, apparently, already thoughts. The increasing electrification of the drive train could open the BMW super sports very doors, because with hybrids in the future, contemporary consumption values. Cheerful: “I do not believe that the super athletes of the 2020s with a V8 or V10 engine. With a combustion engine, in rear-wheel and E-Motor in the front, these vehicles can offer stunning Performance.”

Who feels now reminds of the BMW i8, is correct: “I have a wonderful Carbon Chassis for a sports car in the Portfolio that we currently use for the i8. I would use something like this with significantly more Performance, then we are quickly in the Region of 600 HP, but still not in the weight class of two tons.”

Unfortunately, also lies on the Hand, what speaks against an immediate beginning of the new BMW super sports project: “This market segment is very small, but there are always discussions. Yes, a super sport, my personal wish is the car, but I also need to convince my chief financial officer.”

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