BMW environmental premium+: $ 6,000 in 15 cities + 70km + commuters

BMW and MINI have substantiated the validity of the new environmental premium+. The list of 14 nationwide affected cities was expanded to Frankfurt, and now captures 15 towns, each drawn with a radius of 70 kilometers. So not only commuters and the inhabitants of the cities can benefit from the promotion by the environmental premium+, but just in urban, the residents of areas of adjacent cities.

If your city is in a zip code area in which the BMW Group, the 6,000-Euro environmental bonus for the replacement of an older Diesel Car pays, on a special page on to be checked. It is crucial that the main residence and only residence in a maximum of 70 kilometers distance from Backnang, Bochum, Darmstadt, Düren, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heilbronn, Kiel, Köln, Limburg/Lahn, Germany, Ludwigsburg, Munich, Reutlingen and Stuttgart.

A further possibility, to be able to the environmental bonus+ benefits a job is in the specified area. Those who live outside of the 70 km radius around the 15 towns mentioned, but to work in the area referred to is not swinging, should consider also happy.

The environmental premium+ when you purchase a BMW or MINI new car for 6,000 Euro, when at the same time a BMW or MINI Diesel engine, the exhaust emission standard Euro 4 or Euro 5 in payment. A demo car or a used car from the “Used” program is purchased, the premium is 4,500 euros.

The environmental bonus+ with other discount promotions can be combined and can therefore be increased significantly. Particularly for buyers, the via the environmental bonus, subsidised electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids can be very attractive advantages result, for example, in the case of a BMW i3 up to 10,000 euros.

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