BMW M2 Competition: 7:52 minutes for the Nordschleife

The new BMW M2 Competition to hit the super test “sport auto”. Even before the booklet with all the Numbers and data, the Stuttgart have released an Onboard Video of the Nurburgring Nordschleife, where we see Christian Gebhardt at the wheel of the BMW M2 Competition through the “Green hell” to hunt. In addition to the unfiltered driving impressions we get as the round time: 7:52 minutes, the compact athlete needs for the Nordschleife and then a couple of seconds behind the expectations and hopes of some Fans.

As seen in the Video clearly is, has to fight the BMW M2 Competition with some of the understeer. However, the time of the round moves on to the BMW M projected level, because a test driver Jörg Weidinger is according to the sport auto time of 7:50 minutes, and thus at the same Level on the road. In comparison to the officially-370 HP, , at the time, but with 400 HP measured Standard M2 by 2016 corresponds to the Christian Gebhardt scored a lap time improvement of 9 seconds. Once Gebhardt criticized too much Oversteer, in the present Video, the Problem seems to be rather the reverse mounted.

The BMW M2 Competition, not even a little faster is surprised especially in light of the barely slower around the time of the much weaker and less exposed positioned BMW Z4 M40i: The nominal 70 HP weaker Roadster completed the Nordschleife recently in 7:55 minutes. Both cars use similar suspension technology, and in part regardless of M3 and M4. The original M4 coupe F82 drove a 2014 with 431 PS with a time of 7:52 minutes, so far, the fastest series-production BMW M4 GTS with one of Jörg Weidinger driven time of 7:28 minutes.

Who is even more racetrack Performance of a Compact sports car expected to be in 2019 with the BMW M2 CS . More power, further refined version of suspension, optimized aerodynamics and a more powerful braking system should surpass the driving performance of the M2 Competition noticeably.

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