BMW M3 G80: New design for the M3 with S58 of the G20 base

The new BMW 3-series G20 sets as of March 2019, the Foundation stone for a new car to ensure that, as from 2020 the headlines: The new BMW M3 G80. The sixth Generation of the middle-class athlete from Garching big shoes to fill, because in the first five generations of the M3 not only iconic for BMW Fans matured – he has also managed new dynamic standards and the competition over the decades, to the brink of despair to drive, especially with sporty special models, such as the last of the BMW M3 CS.

With the new BMW M3 G80, the previously valid limits for middle-class should be moved to sedans again. The base promises a lot more agility and a sportier basic setup, which is why the developers of the M GmbH to an even better for sports use appropriate Chassis may work: Less weight, more torsional rigidity have never hurt a sports car.

Like the new BMW M3 G80 2020 could look like, shows a new Photoshop design from X-Tomi Design. The drawing is created on the Basis of a 3-series G20 with M sports package and already shows some typical M features, like the large air intakes-embossed front apron, the double-stays in the kidneys and the gills in the front fenders. Not visible to other Details, such as M mirrors, the expected Carbon-roof is at best a guess. At the rear, also the new M3 is of course a Sport exhaust system with four tailpipes.

Even more important, however, is undoubtedly what is in store on the technology Front. The new heart of the M3 is the twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder S58, the different power levels on the market. In the stronger variants, such as a BMW M3 Competition, you could even drop the brand of 500 HP. Game room for even more Performance provides the water injection, the of the M GmbH developed and in the M4 GTS for sure not your last use of has experienced.

The question is interesting, such as the BMW M3 G80 its power to the road. With the all-wheel drive M xDrive, the Garching have shown that you can now also create an extremely agile four-wheel drive – however, it is not excluded that the BMW M3 in 2020, with a view to a low weight of the classic rear-wheel-drive faithful. Should it succeed, as in the case of the current M5 F90 to keep the weight despite switching to all-wheel drive on the same, in the competitive environment today unrivalled low Level, could M xDrive to be quite a Option for the new M3.

The waiting time until the market launch of the new BMW M3 in 2020 can also be done with a 3P G20 bridge. In the summer of 2019, the 374-HP M340i xDrive, in addition, was already the M Performance Tuning accessories for the seventh 3P-Generation presented:

(Photoshop-Design: X-Tomi Design)

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