BMW X5 M50d G05 in the drive report: Four Turbos in the Top model

A traffic light in the middle of Nowhere. A self-indulgent motorized US Pick-up dawdle bubbling up through the intersection and disappears into the next cross-street. Then it is suddenly green and the BMW X5 M50d looks red. In a millisecond, the four turbochargers, collect 760 Newton meters of torque to fire in the Asphalt and shoot the 400-horsepower M Performance SUV in absurdly short 5.2 seconds in areas, which could all Wake up quickly in the interest of strict Highway Patrol. We grin and with activated speed limit back to sanity.

The actual Sensation of our short sprint only the pure acceleration power of the already M550d and 750d famous Quad turbo-diesel fuel Deposit is not easy. What SUV does the BMW X5 M50d, a truly memorable Performance, is the driving on the first few kilometres of our test drive: The quietness and liability, with the at least temporary Top model of the fourth-X5-Generation coped with everyday life.

Until the G05 as a fully-fledged M model to the limits of technical feasibility scratches, embodies the power dieselnde M Performance X5 M50d and the role of the pack leader. The Sport is promise, however, is pure theory, if you rolls as we are this Morning – on a Highway, the six lanes in rush hour traffic is no more than a Stop-and-Go. In Comfort mode, the well-insulated three-litre works-six-cylinder barely audible in the distance, responding gently and sensitively on commands with the accelerator pedal and springs, despite the standard 21-inchers no less binding over bumps and Asphalt edges as the civilised X5 models with the new two-axle air-suspension.

On the price list, BMW also holds various chassis options, the M Performance model can be according to personal preference configure. As standard, the Munich-based mount an adaptive M suspension, alternatively, the stand in the X5 xDrive30d tested and highly comfortable found air suspension with 80 mm displacement, as well as the in our test car’s built-in adaptive M suspension, Professional. The BMW X5 M50d full of sports equipment, active roll stabilization, which reduces particularly when cornering at speed by means of electric servomotors, the side tilt.

Add to that, for the first time in an X model, Integral active steering, the assist with the steering of the rear wheels depending on the driving situation are equal to or opposite to the front wheels and in this way noticeably to promote agility. The M sport differential on the rear axle completes the package and protects them from the face of 760 Newton metres of torque inevitably imminent loss of Traction when accelerating Out of tight Bends – the problems with which we must deal on the crowded Highway this Morning for the time being.

At some point, the density of the traffic thins out a little and we cart button a cautious pressure on the Sport. From theory practice: With expectation of the full momentum of the M50d tightens seats, the side bolsters on the excellent comfort, changes supports the graphics of the digital instrumentation and snarls suddenly much more visible from the engine compartment, through the fine Bubbling sound of the sports exhaust system, which penetrates now somewhere far to the rear through the interior of the insulation. So readily the BMW has resigned M50d with the strict US speed limits, so nervous about the 400 HP request, now under sharper accelerator detection for freedom.

BMW X5 M50d: comfort SUV with Performance to claim

We need to get out of here, like to follow the request of the navigation system and leave the Highway at the next exit. A newly paved country road winds full of promise through the wooded hills. Na so – perfect M Performance Terrain. Readily and accurately, the elaborate steering system follows the curve. Thanks to the mitlenke the rear wheels of 4.9 metres long M50d looks light-footed, almost compact. The light guard all-wheel drive distributes the torque in close cooperation with the locking differential is preferably connected to the rear wheels and effectively eliminates the urge to understeer.

The impeccable eight-speed Sport Steptronic contributes to the dynamic driving experience. When I hit the brakes the transmission shifts precisely and in a fraction of a second in the appropriate gear to keep always ready for the greatest HP-Punch – and without being nervous of the speed, if you are thinking of the next acceleration attempt, but in a different way.

The BMW X5 M50d G05 is not just only a site with an absurdly powerful diesel engine. What we can try in the legal area and on the public road, is the Performance claim, can now also on a Sports Utility Vehicle, more than. The massive engine, the lightning-fast transmission and the high-tech suspension components offer in a successful Interaction only genuine M Sport on the push of a button, but also a convincing all-day comfort. Only look at the price list, the Grin from the initial light print for a Moment, freezing: the new BMW costs the X5 M50d at least 92.900 Euro. However, the title of “temporary Flagship” level…

For more detailed impressions and the technical Details on the new X5 Generation in the BMW X5 xDrive 30d driving report.

Jonas Eling

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