BMW X7 2019: Last Teaser for the new luxury SUV G07

With a expected to be the final Teaser, BMW announces the upcoming Premiere of the X7 G07. In the semi-darkness, we see the Front of the new luxury SUV, the kidney, as expected, on an impressive Double. As with the 3 series and other novelties of the recent past, both kidneys are connected to a common Central web. Below the kidneys, and the headlights, the air intakes of the front apron, you can guess.

An interesting Design Detail is the direct connection between the kidney and the narrow headlights, which we have not seen recently at all of the models. The chosen solution also ensures a clear line of demarcation from the technically closely related, but quite differently positioned BMW X5 G05. In contrast to the X5 the theme of luxury and space on offer plays in the BMW X7 G07 a larger role, especially in the third-row seat, it offers significantly more space and comfort.

Powerful motors with six and eight cylinders, the fully variable all-wheel drive xDrive and a two-axle air suspension with the push of a button, significantly increased ground clearance underline the sovereign nature of the X7, which is expected to give its up to seven occupants in many situations, a feeling of Superiority.

Many more information about the technology of the BMW X7, we have already a few months ago in our Pre-ride report G07 and in the Interview with project Manager Dr. Jörg Wunder wrote. The Design of the production car was also a few weeks ago on Patent drawings:

(Teaser photo: BMW Instagram)

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