DTM 2019: Aston Martin is rising as a third-party manufacturer a

Before the Finale of the DTM in 2018 at the Hockenheimring, the race series may declare an enormously important message: that Aston Martin is already rising to the season of 2019 in the German touring Masters, a wagon, and closes the impending gap, which would have ripped the departure of the Mercedes from the DTM. Use over the entire season is not to be expected, because a question mark is behind the progress of vehicle development, but on short-term successes, it is not the leaders anyway, the focus is on the long-term perspective and, thus, the future of the DTM.

The cars are visually reminiscent of the Aston Martin Vantage, technically you need to, of course, correspond to the same specifications as the BMW M4 DTM and the Audi RS 5 DTM. Developed and deployed the new Aston Martin Vantage DTM from Team R-Motorsport, which is a part of the AF Racing AG from St. Gallen. So far, R-Motorsport with Aston Martin racing car in GT racing, was active in the DTM. AF Racing has recently established a Joint Venture with HWA AG, and will therefore benefit from the extensive experience of Mercedes in the DTM.

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): “welcome to the DTM, Aston Martin! The entry is a great news for the series and its Fans. He gives all parties Involved in planning security for the coming years. We have promised to us after the surprise exit announcement from Mercedes at an early stage to the DTM and the Fans, to fight the series. With Success. Our confidence in the continued existence of the DTM and the many invested in the common working hours with ITR and Audi have paid off. A big thank you to Gerhard Berger, whose tireless efforts have paid off in the end. Aston Martin is a respected and valued competitors in the GT-Sport. We are pleased to now also in the DTM, against Aston Martin to compete. Against the Background of the ‘CLASS 1’regulations and the international prospects for the DTM, a spirit of optimism prevailed in the past few months. The entry-level Aston Martin, the traffic lights are now permanently on Green. Now, we can concentrate fully on the Racing.”

Gerhard Berger (Chairman of the DTM umbrella organisation ITR e. V.): “This decision is a luxury-sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin is a historic event for our series and a milestone for the international orientation of the DTM.
I’m sure that the internationalization-oriented cooperation of ITR and GTA, as well as the decision-making of Aston Martin signal will have effect for other manufacturers. The cooperation with the GTA, the internationalization of the platform, as well as the acquisition of other brands, is one of our principal strategic objectives. The international expansion, we will be driving in coordination with Teams and manufacturers ahead of what is to come for the season 2020 with an adjustment to the series name.”

Florian Kamelger (Team Principal R-Motorsport): “We are delighted with Aston Martin in a renowned, international Top racing series to enter. The competition with premium manufacturers is a big challenge for our brand. The new technical regulations, as well as the expanded international presence of the series were important motivations for our plans.”

Dieter Gass (head of Audi Motorsport): “welcome to Aston Martin in the DTM. We are pleased to have AF Racing AG together with the traditional brand Aston Martin in the future on Board. In order to ensure that the DTM is still at a high sporting and technical level with premium manufacturers present. I think Aston Martin, Audi and BMW will take part in a great competition. It was a hard time, we fought together with the great support from all participating manufacturers, as well as the ITR, not least Gerhard Berger. I am delighted that the entry from Aston Martin can now finally be announced and the DTM-success story continues.”

(Photo: Aston Martin)

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