Euro 5 Diesel: Pays BMW to 6,000 Euro exchange premium?

In the dispute over the future for older Diesel Cars with emission standard Euro 5 is not a final solution, in the press, but already the first alleged results. All statements are confirmed by the manufacturers concerned or by the government, and to enjoy with caution, it is interesting the so far leaked Details of the negotiations are yet: Reportedly, Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW are ready to convince the owners of older Diesel with high conversion premiums from the purchase of a new car with better gas cleaning.

Volkswagen and Mercedes want to pay up to 5,000 euros, the VW Premium subsidiaries Audi and Porsche will add up to 8,000 Euro. For BMW, the speech, which could be paid as exchange bonus when purchasing a clean, new car is currently € 6,000. Attractive Leasing deals to enforce the Federal government to rejuvenate the real existing Diesel fleet noticeable.

How uncertain is the current state of Negotiations is, to show the open issues: On Sunday, it was said, first, that the offer of the conversion premium should not apply nationwide, instead, it was planned only for the 14 cities in which the nitrogen oxide limit values are regularly exceeded, and must therefore do much to improve the air quality. Later it was said that it should necessarily be a Federal-wide solution that focuses on the individual focus regions. What is ultimately decided, it remains to be seen.

The same uncertainty also relates to the topic of Hardware retrofits. In order to improve the exhaust of the countless Euro 5 Diesel, which will be, in spite of the exchange premium still in use, arguing politics and car manufacturers for years, the retrofitting of additional filters and catalysts for exhaust gas aftertreatment. A solution to this question, there still seems to be a good piece removed, because the policy would pass the cost of allegedly some 3,000 euros per vehicle on the car maker – a proposal of the nature referred to in little puffs.

How the package looks like in the end, we will know in the next few days – maybe even today. As soon as there are firm decisions, we will of course report about it.

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