Germany in September 2018: BMW is Neuzulassungs-top

The September 2018, was associated for many car manufacturers in Germany and Europe with massive sales declines compared to the previous year. The Background to the introduction of the WLTP cycle, not all producers are sufficiently prepared. What in August, with strong gains led because the dealerships put up their farms as of September, more saleable vehicles, figures provided in September 2018 for a dramatic crash at the point of sale. Exactly when this Trend ends, and when the Numbers have a real comparability that does not currently foresee.

In consequence, the Numbers of the force travel Federal office for the September 2018, are to be treated with caution, since conclusions about the actual success on the market on this Basis, hardly. Because many manufacturers of press since September is not more than new cars purchase vehicles with high discounts in the market, has decided to the BMW Group, in return for a share of discount battles and to pay therefore in favor of the result of the most piece taken out. Nevertheless, the Figures clearly show that BMW was prepared in direct comparison to its competitors very well on the WLTP conversion.

Particularly dramatic has developed, sales at Audi: The Audi subsidiary reported a decrease of 77.7 percent, and in September 2018 nationwide only to 4,596 vehicles. Thus, the VW subsidiary is not the brand with the largest percentage decrease, in the case of Porsche it looks with -75,5% but much better. In absolute Figures even more dramatic is the decline in Volkswagen, Germany’s biggest carmaker was 20.278 units and a decrease of 61.9 percent behind the sales figures of the Premium brands BMW and Mercedes.

While the market shrank by a total of 30.5 percent, could BMW keep the level of the previous year, practically, and sold 24.524 vehicles. Mercedes sold in September 22.379 units and reports a decline of 20.5 percent. When looking at the absolute Figures it is an absolute special-case for the auto market, Germany, shows: No other brand caused a stir in September 2018 for more new Car registrations than BMW!

In the previous year as a whole, the success is put into perspective not surprisingly, what makes the special role of the September 2018 clear. With 192.195 units BMW Germany is, as usual, on the third place in the Premium brands and, of course, far behind Volkswagen. Together with MINI, the BMW Group is a Germany-sales of 228.833 units behind Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

(Graphics & information: KBA)

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