‘Hey Mona Lisa’: BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, live in Paris

Marketing of BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, from March 2019 in a lot of vehicles with the latest Infotainment Generation moves in, BMW with the Mona Lisa, ally. Perhaps the most famous work of art in the world was brought to it virtually from the Louvre in Paris, and as a huge, interactive Video canvas on the large square in front of the Centre Pompidou. The usually mild-smiling Mona Lisa breaks her 500 years of Silence and answered a variety of questions from passers-by with the language, facial Expressions and Gestures.

The Mona Lisa on the 75 square meters of LED area, spoke fluent French, English and German, and knew almost every question had an answer – not always serious, but always entertaining and often with a reference to the new BMW 3-series G20, the time on the auto salon in Paris in 2018 celebrated its world premiere.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) is far more than a voice control for various functions of the vehicle, he constantly thinks, and can remind the driver of upcoming events. Activate the digital assistant can be a user-definable keyword that, instead of: Instead of, “Hey, BMW” are also other variants like “Hey Mona Lisa” is easily possible. This is in particular of advantage, in order to avoid false activations, for example, if the conversation of the inmates turns to BMW and the supposed key word is used frequently in a context that was not meant to activate the wizard.

Stefan Ponikva (head of BMW Events and BMW Group automotive fairs): “With the BMW Mona Lisa Installation, we have an icon of world culture in the 21st century. Century transported to BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, a stage with a global appeal. The result is a striking Symbol of how innovative Connectivity Features and language assistants our world and the interaction between man and machine change. The BMW Group is in connectivity and intuitive operation for decades, the speed. With the BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, BMW defines the driving experience and the interaction with the automobile.”

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