Image comparison: New BMW 3-series G20 predecessor, the F30 LCI


With the market launch of the new BMW 3-series G20 in March 2019, the life-cycle of its predecessor, the F30 ends. Our image comparison shows the example of the Sport Line, the BMW-core series from the sixth to the seventh Generation has changed. It is striking that the new 3 series has, without exception, every perspective is clear and still as a member of the tradition-rich 3-family remains recognizable. Possible this balancing act is because the typical proportions of the middle class have remained, sedan unchanged, and important Design elements be further developed, but not overboard were thrown.

While the 3 series F30 is the direct connection of the kidneys and the headlights was a completely new item, the new BMW 3-series G20, the previously stand-alone double-kidneys with a common pier in the middle. The headlights get to the bottom of a notch that separates the two elements of the double-round headlights clear of each other. The daytime running lights is different, as in the predecessor in function of the chosen lighting technology. There is also a striking new front apron, whose NACA Duct air intakes make the more advanced aerodynamics visible.

In the side view of a variety of Changes on falling, the basic proportions are remained in spite of 8.5 centimeters more length to be unchanged. Particularly striking is the newly drawn lines in the area of the doors, and the completely redesigned door handles and of not more integrated into the door Hofmeister kink.

The rear of the new BMW 3-series G20, it is particularly noticeable with a completely newly designed rear lights. While the predecessor was wearing the BMW typical L-Form in the sheet, it is light only by the design of the rear significantly – so but still more in the focus than before. Clear shaped, red L-shapes and a dark top to make the new 3er, at first glance, is instantly recognisable as BMW. So far the 340i reserved tail pipe configuration, each with one tail pipe to the left and to the right with the 3-series G20 for the new normal case, only the diameter of the tailpipes on the level of 80 changes depending on the power to 90 mm. The provisional Top model M340i comes with a trapezoidal-shaped tail pipes.

Significantly changed the interior, the scores still with a clear driver orientation. The Infotainment Display is moved to the height of the instrument display to the bottom of the Start-stop button is in the completely newly designed centre console. While the Infotainment Display was previously only optional 8.8-inch tall, this is the Format of the series, the optional range comes with a 10.25-inch Display. The continue to 12.3 inches wide optional instrument Display has considerably more display options than before, also via the Head-up Display with 70% more display area can be significantly better prepared to view the information.

What is the new BMW 3-series G20 can do, and clarifies our vision.

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