New BMW 3 series Touring in 2019: Photoshop design shows 3 G21

Only a few hours after the presentation of the BMW 3-series G20 urges of the new BMW 3 series Touring G21 to the Public. Although the official Premiere of the station wagon for a few months, and until the beginning of 2019, now provides a Photoshop design from X-Tomi.Design but at least a good impression of the Front. Exciting is also, of course, is the tail of a practical 3-series derivative in the new style works for this purpose, we have to wait probably until the official pictures.

It is clear, however, that the BMW’s equivalent 3 series Touring G21 to the B-pillar of the sedan. From here, the roof line is combined typical and ensures that rear passengers enjoy more headroom and significantly more trunk space is available. As before, BMW does not aspire to the largest trunk in the class, more important than maximum storage space for high driving dynamics matching, sporty Design is also available in the Combi.

While the rear lights certainly deviations from the Design of the sedan are possible, is a Detail of the rear-view on each case is identical: All the models carry a tailpipe on the left and right side. For visible differences between the engine types, there are only different diameter of 80 or 90 millimeters, in addition, the M Performance models M340i and M340d come in panels with a trapezoidal tail pipe.

Whether the-especially in Europe-sought-after combination comes as BMW M340i Touring on the market, however, it remains to be seen. The chances for the not yet officially confirmed, but in our Interview with product Manager Stephan Horn also not denied BMW M340d with over 300 horsepower Biturbo-Diesel in comparison, much better, finally, are powerful Diesel just like middle-class station wagons, above all, a Europe-theme.

No Surprises are to be expected in the areas of Cockpit, Infotainment and assistance systems. Here there are practically no differences between the sedan and the new BMW 3 series Touring G21, even the combination is so on systems such as the practical back-up wizard , and the driver in many situations of everyday life significantly relieve. The period that the driver Driving the car can be left varies depending on the speed, busy road, and traffic density.

The market launch of the BMW 3 series Touring G21 expected for June or July 2019, in each case, only a few months between the March announced saloon and the Touring will pass away.

(Photoshop-Design: X-Tomi Design)

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