New BMW Z4 Coupé: Design the designs exist, but…

The thought of a new BMW Z4 Coupé is not irritating, apparently, only the driver of the predecessor within the BMW Group will be considered at the highest level. As a development Executive, Klaus Fröhlich, compared to informed, he gave the order for appropriate designs to head of design Adrian van Hooyonk to a concrete picture of the possible appearance of such a sports coupé.

From a technical point of view, the current decision against a new BMW Z4 coupe on G29-base do not need to seem to be also final, as Merry makes clear: “You can always put a solid roof on a Roadster, conversely, it is more difficult. Therefore, we have opted for a Roadster. A coupe from a Roadster is easy, because he is already stiff, but if you have a coupe, the roof is removed, we speak of a very different task.”

Ultimately, the model portfolio of BMW against a new Z4 Coupé: With M2 and M4 speaks from Froehlich’s point of view, there are already two new compact sports coupes. The offer of a third vehicle in a relatively small Segment acts as only partially useful. This Situation is the cooperation partner of Toyota is completely different, after all, the Supra is the only compact sports coupe of the Japanese in this Performance League.

Rumors, according to which the contracts between BMW and Toyota, the two sides only allow the construction of a body-concept, dismissed Cheerful. The doors of a BMW Z4 Coupé are open so, if one evaluates the size of the segment and the possible success of a day other than: “You should never say never. This Segment will shrink, but some people fail to use it.”

Could help, apparently in Ingolstadt decision to buy the Audi TT will have no successor. If the Golf-based Audi Coupé disappeared one day from the market, could secure a BMW Z4 coupe quite a few attractive market shares. It remains to be seen, however, how well the BMW’s Premium claim in comparison to the technically largely identical, but presumably cheaper Toyota represent Supra-and sell.

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