One Night in the BMW M Town: The M850i as an object of desire

The clocks tick in BMW M Town is a little different, we were able to guess already in the first Videos from the auspicious city of fun-longing. Now another Video shows what it’s like in a M Town night club, and of course everything here is in order to quick vehicles with a stunning Design and superior driving performance. Already the first seconds of a Highlight for M’s Fans ready, because the journey to the Club is true to style with a superbly maintained BMW 6-series coupe.

The focus of the clip “One Night in M-Town,” with the BMW M850i xDrive coupe, the first M Performance automobile, previously played in the city the M models is more of a minor role. In the night club, we see the new luxury coupe with 530 HP strong V8 Biturbo on the stage, it is the eye-catching paint, Sunset Orange, and the optional Carbon package – definitely a configuration carries can be, in the case of the men weak.

It is already clear that in the BMW M Town of 2019 even sharper guns are ascended: the BMW M8 coupe, the strongest and probably the fastest vehicle is running currently into the history of the M GmbH and warm. Well over 600 HP and four-wheel drive M xDrive are, for the most part already out of the M5 is known for, the new flagship Garching is likely to have but a few more Updates in the hindquarters.

Promotional Clip remains in the new, only, as the human main characters life, his trip to the night and the immense admiration for the new BMW M850i later, his classic 6-series wants to explain.

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