Paris 2018: BMW Z4 M40i G29 in San Francisco Red / Shadow Line

Also, the new BMW Z4 M40i G29 celebrates on the car salon in Paris in 2018, a debut, because in Europe the new Generation of the Roadster was never officially fallen. Is presented to the open-top sports car in San Francisco Red and the black details of the Shadow Line with extended contents. The latter make the BMW to Z4 M40i one of the few M Performance Automobiles, the elements in Cerium Grey, from the factory also available in other colours to order.

Especially in combination with a bold color, such as San Francisco Red the appearance benefits significantly from this Option, but the black accents flourish, of course, also in connection with other colors for a completely different effect than Cerium Grey. For all the Z4 M40i standard Shadow Line to the Air Breather, the window, manhole cover, mirror frame and feet as well as the trim of the side frame running in high-gloss Black, with the extended sizes of the kidney surround and the tailpipe trim Panels. Suitable for this purpose, the in Paris the Z4 also carries the Jetblack version of the 19 inch rims in the Design of 799 m.

Thanks to the leather interior of Vernasca in ivory white, the interior of the BMW Z4 G29 is very friendly, the special Design of the newly designed sport seats is particularly impressive. The driver-oriented Cockpit Design with a large Infotainment Display and a completely new centre console reminiscent of the design on Board the new BMW 3-series G20, celebrating in Paris just made its world debut and the undisputed Star of the show is.

As a BMW Z4 M40i the G29 in Europe to make 340 HP, American customers may even look forward to 382 HP. But whether it’s European, and with a gasoline particulate filter or American, both variants are powered by a 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder and provide very sporty driving performance. This shows not only the factory specification for the officially in 4.6 seconds and completed the Standard Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, but also with the European-specification determined N├╝rburgring lap time of 7:55 minutes.

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