Promising Name: BMW 2 series coupe Drift Machine

Internal names for new models, the BMW Group since a long time is usual. Their purpose is to make it clear to all persons involved in the project in brief the role of the vehicle and ensure that all in their respective areas of responsibility, the big picture, and the thought of losing the car’s character from view. All the friends of the controlled Übersteuerns should, therefore, pleased to note, under which title the new BMW is prepared 2 series Coupé is currently at its market launch: Drift Machine.

The equally eloquent as a promising project-name development-Board member Klaus Fröhlich is now compared to confirmed, which definitively settled the question in accordance with the drive concept is clear: As we already several months ago have written, will the next Generation of the BMW 2 series Coupé as its predecessor on a well-balanced weight distribution and rear-wheel drive.

With its rear-wheel-drive is the new BMW 2 series Coupé a special role within the compact BMW models, because all the other models on the UKL architecture with front-wheel drive: Not only is the BMW 1-series F40, the four-door BMW 2 series Gran coupe will come with front-transverse-mounted engines and drive primarily the front wheels.

The exceptionalism of the BMW 2 series Coupé is also important because it allows for the continuation of the success story of the BMW M2 coupe. Just like the current Generation, the successor in the coming decade remains technically closely with M3 and M4 are related, why continue to be a BMW M2 can be offered as the entry into the world of BMW M High-Performance Automobiles at a fair price.

Cheerful has in the decision for the rear-driven BMW 2 series Coupé, apparently, internally, against various critics claim, and is likely to have spoken to many BMW Fans from the soul: “The people have asked, “Is the rear-wheel-drive is really important in this small Segment?’ But I think it is very important for the brand and is very important for M, because the M2 is the entry-level model. That’s why I fought hard and I won, therefore there will be a 2-successor of the sends the power to where it is needed.”

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