Studio shoot: “Real photos” from the new BMW 3-series G20

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to meet the new BMW 3-series G20 in a photo Studio. In doing so, we could not only win a first impression of a significantly higher quality interior, but also some of their own photos from the mid-size sedan. While we strive to in these minutes, together with hundreds of other photographers, the first photos from the booth in Paris, we can provide a few first impressions.

The focus of the BMW 3 series with M Sport package and new exterior color Portimao Blue, which replaces the previous Estoril blue and in a direct comparison, darker and more visible. Just like the tradition of full color Estoril blue is also named Portimao blue to a race track in Portugal, and only for models with M sport package. The two round tailpipes at the rear, one to the left and to the right, which were the predecessor is still the hallmark of top of the range model 340i, now there is no reference to a particularly powerful motorization, and will be worn by all the models – the only exception is the new Top model M340i, which can be distinguished panels with a trapezoidal tail pipe.

In addition to the M package, we also have some photos of a white BMW 3-series G20 with Sport Line shot that also give a different impression than the official and, as always, heavily post-processed photos. In comparison to the M Sport aerodynamics package, the Sport Line is designed to be considerably more restrained, the aprons at the Front and rear are clearly quieter and less aggressive. However, the air inlets and outlets in the Form of aerodynamically optimized Naca – Ducts on the sporty aspirations of the 3-series sedan, which is based on the seventh Generation of even greater importance than in the previous. In mineral white painted 330i with Sport Line also shows the Design of the Adaptive LED headlights, while the blue vehicle, wearing the still-high-quality-positioned laser-light headlights.

The Cockpit presents itself regardless of the chosen Line more driver-oriented and digital. In the Top of the equipment and the Live-Cockpit Professional offers a 12.3-inch instrument Display behind the driver and at the same height arranged, 10.25 inches large Infotainment Display on the right. In addition, the driver receives important information in the Head-up Display whose display area has been enlarged to 70 percent and thus corresponds to the same level as in the current 7-series. No matter where you put your hands, everywhere high-quality materials on the positive – even in often-neglected areas, such as the bottom of the door panel or the lid of the glove compartment of the 3 series now offers no negative tactile Surprises.

BMW 3-series G20 with M Sport package:

BMW 3-series G20 with Sport Line:

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