The new F-Type 2020: the first Jaguar with a BMW V8 engine?

Already more than two years ago, there were first rumors, now, the engine cooperation between BMW and Jaguar Land Rover is apparently concrete. As the UK’s Car Magazine reports, the new Jaguar F-Type in 2020, the first large cat, the BMW V8 engine is driven. Whether the co-operation of a day is also extended to the use of smaller engines with four or six cylinders, remains open. At the moment it looks that only the V8 variants of the F-Type will be powered by BMW.

The focus of the Jaguar-interest, apparently, is to the of the M GmbH developed and in many of the models used BMW S63 4.4-Liter displacement. The dual-charged engine produces a minimum of 560 HP, the current range-topping BMW M5 Competition are even 625 HP possible – and this should the end of the flag pole is still a long way achieved be. What is the performance of Jaguar in the environment of the F-Type stage wishes and thermally can be realized, remains to be seen.

So far, neither BMW nor Jaguar Land Rover officially confirmed the engine cooperation helps to change the English and their Indian mother’s house over a Problem, as a result of increasingly stringent emission limit values was, for years, in sight: The previously used compressor-V8 with 5.0 liters of engine displacement is noticeably getting on in years and requires in-depth modifications, to be able to in the future, the world used to be.

For BMW the advantage would also be clear, because of course decrease with increasing number of units, the costs in the components purchasing and the production. Another buyer for the V8 Biturbo engine of the M GmbH with Wiesmann also already fixed, the quantities, the exclusive car manufacturer from Dülmen to be but even after the Comeback of the Geckos is significantly smaller than that of Jaguar Land Rover be – especially since the F-Type in the case of the English only one of several models in which the outdated supercharged V8 to be replaced.

The current Jaguar F-Type is considered to be one of the most beautiful sports cars of our time. He is available as a coupe and Roadster, the engine lineup ranges from a turbocharged four-cylinder to supercharged V8. The second Generation starting in 2020, considerably lighter and even more agile.

(Photos: Jaguar)

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